Wednesday, August 09, 2006

FC fan Brady's a real brick

Source: M.E.N.

THE first book on FC United is now on sale, written - fittingly - by a brickie from Beswick!

Lifelong Manchester United fan Robert Brady, who served on the steering committee which brought the club into existence last summer, has come up with "An Undividable Glow" (£8.78).

The book is as manic as it is Manc, a hilarious and achingly sad trip through a remarkable 12 months in the history of Manchester United and its lively offspring FC United.
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Brady has a cult following from his column in the United We Stand fanzine, and his style is not so much a stream of consciousness as a raging torrent of it, as the impenetrable title of the book hints.

"As a city, Manchester believes it is frightened of nothing. This book is one individual's story of how a part of Red Manchester defied defeat," says the blurb on the back.

Laced with a love of Manchester, Mancunians, family, friends and fellow Reds, Brady has come up with a book which is a rough-edged, funny and a poignant slice of what makes Manchester great, and what makes it grate. It should become a Mancunian classic. Should, but probably won't.

To find out more go to, and you can buy the book at or from Brady himself, standing outside Gigg Lane before home games.