Friday, December 29, 2006


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But, in marching through the back-slapping hordes, what Ferguson has also managed to do is retain his focus on the future and what he believes to be the best interests of Manchester United.

There are some, even among those who have not defected to FC United, who feel Ferguson has not always acted this way.

Although the truth is slightly different, it is argued by a sizeable minority the unseemly arguments with John Magnier over the ownership of Rock of Gibraltar created the vacuum that allowed Malcolm Glazer's £790million takeover, the merits of which are still the subject of hot debate.

In decrying FC United and those who formed it, Ferguson is accused of abandoning his socialist principles on the altar of self-preservation.

In keeping with the man, such allegations are swiftly dismissed, those who make them consigned the dustbin.

For Ferguson, throughout his life, has always had a clear sense of right and wrong and whether you are with him or not.

And for Ferguson just now, top of the Premiership at the end of 2006, the wrong thing to do would be to wallow in past glories.