Monday, July 21, 2008

The quality of Mersey

Edited from original article in The Times titled "Life gets hard for Arsene Wenger, also known as Mr Perfect"
Last week another “breakaway” club, AFC Liverpool, were born and they will start the new season in the Vodkat League first division, only nine promotions off the Barclays Premier League and three divisions below FC United of Manchester, who, having won promotion in each of their first three seasons, are, in theory, three years away from the Football League.

The contrast is that, whereas FC United have met with hostility from Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager, and just about everyone else at Old Trafford, with United falling out with the Manchester Evening News over the space devoted to the “rebel club”, AFC Liverpool, run along similar lines by disenfranchised supporters, have been welcomed into existence by Liverpool, who are even running features on their “little brother” on their website.

To paraphrase, Lyndon Johnson, the former US President, it is surely far better to have them inside the tent, p***ing out, than outside the tent, p***ing in.