Monday, September 29, 2008

Eric Cantona fears for Manchester United’s future after Sir Alex Ferguson

Observing United’s unconvincing start to the defence of both their Premier League and Champions League titles, the Frenchman has expressed concern over the destabilising effect of United eventually losing the most successful manager in their history.

The unpopular arrival of the Glazer family saddled the club with around £600 million of debt and has seen United’s ticket prices, previously some of the most competitively priced in the Premier League, rise year-on-year.

Though the Americans’ involvement has allowed Ferguson to build another championship winning squad, Cantona believes that it is only the Scotsman’s experienced hand that is keeping United challenging in domestic and European competition.

“I can understand why the fans are concerned,” said the former United player.

“The philosophy of the club will never change while Alex Ferguson is at the club. After he leaves . . . that’s what makes me worry.

“Ferguson is so strong, so popular, he can control everything. For the moment nothing has changed there — apart from in an economic way.

“I’m worried about the future. I hope that things will not change.”

Cantona also pledged his support for FC United, the club founded by disaffected supporters who bitterly fought against the Glazer takeover.

“They have a great idea,” said Cantona. “I hope they will become a great club and win the European Cup in 50 years’ time.

“Every club has to be created at one point. Now I am interested in the people who create clubs. Which type of people created Manchester United or Manchester City?”