Monday, June 29, 2009

Co-op trophy for FC United

Source: Crain's Manchester Business

1:13 pm, June 29, 2009

FC United of Manchester won the award for promotion of co-operative values and principles at the inaugural Co-operative Excellence awards.

The club, set up by fans opposed to the 2005 takeover of the club by Florida-based businessman Malcolm Glazer and his family, is run on co-operative lines.

Ben Reid, chair of Co-operativesUK, said: “FC United of Manchester set out to be a supporter run football club that works with the community, and that is exactly what they have achieved. They are worthy of this award for all they have done to forward understanding of co-operation and co operative values and principles.”

Phil Sheeran, one of 11 directors of FC United who are directly elected by the membership, said: “FC United of Manchester is proud to be constituted as a co-operative in the world of sport and we are very grateful to Co-operativesUK for recognising the club's work and honouring us with this prestigious award.

“Volunteer-led sports clubs provide the backbone of sporting provision in the UK; it is the work undertaken by these mutual organisations and co-operatives that embodies the founding principles and values of the co-operative movement.”