Tuesday, August 30, 2011

League Express Surprise At Police Decision

 Source: Football Trade Directory

 The Upcoming Evostik League fixture between newly promoted Chorley and FC United has been made all ticket at the instigation of the local Police, with kick-off brought forward to 11.30 am on Sat 10th September. Fans will recall disruption at Chorley's game with Chester last season caused by a minority of outside - so called fans attending the game looking for trouble.

The move by the Police to make this high profile game - given FC United's following - all ticket is no shock and whilst such an early kick-off can be debated no one wants a repeat of the Chester game, least of all Chorley FC.

Allcock, Evo-Stik League Operations Manager said, “I am a little surprised on the insistence of a change of kick off time for this fixture in view of FC United’s excellent behaviour by their supporters particularly over the past 12 months.

"FC United have been involved in some very high profile games including an evening Play-Off Semi Final at Bradford and 3pm kick-off at the Final away to Colwyn Bay. The reports received back from The FA observer and what I witnessed myself at Colwyn Bay showed that without segregation linked with good even handed stewarding a high profile fixture can take place in good spirit and without trouble.

“I hope that FC United supporters will still make the journey to Chorley to give the team their traditional support. I can understand why some people may wish to make a protest at such changes.

"However, the only way authorities will be convinced that kick off times need not be changed is if there is a capacity crowd and both sets of supporters do what they are best at and that is giving, with excellent behaviour, full support on the day to their respective club. A half empty ground and no trouble does not prove anything. A full ground and no trouble would be considerable proof towards convincing people to relax the arrangements that have been forced on Chorley FC for the FC United fixture.”

With both clubs well supported a bumper crowd is expected and with Chorley's near neighbours Preston playing on Friday night they can expect additional interest from local football fans.

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