Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Councils and National Archives preserve local digital histories

 Source: Public Service

 Local information held across millions of web pages has been 'captured forever', after being permanently stored on the UK Government Web Archive.

The move was part of a wider pilot programme designed to help local authorities preserve the digital history of their communities.

The National Archives said it had been working with councils to share the expertise it had developed in archiving central government websites and to help authorities consider ways to archive important local online information for future generations.

Staff from participating local record offices were trained in how to develop a curated web archive. And the National Archives and the Internet Memory Foundation are now working to create guidance and service model options for local authorities.

Oliver Morley, chief executive and keeper of The National Archives, said: "This project has enabled us to share our innovation and expertise beyond central government and to make a real difference by working alongside local authorities across the country to capture and preserve the digital history of their communities."

Through the pilot more than 3 million new online documents have been permanently preserved, including the websites of Nick Clegg, FC United of Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent Pottery and Ceramics, and much more.