Thursday, December 01, 2005

Outside the Green Door #4

Twomowers…if he was a dog he’d bark at kids on the roundabout in Delamere park
Outside the Green Door

It’s Best by bus
Georgie’s death was generally treated with great respect from nearly all football fans. Football is meant to be entertainment (not business) and that’s what Georgie did best. Of course there were always gonna be a few who thought the tributes/mourning/grieving was a bit over the top but there haven’t been many proper geniuses, you won’t see owt like him in the game again so the accolades etc. were appropriate in this case. Let’s face it, you’d have paid to watch him tie up his Stylo Matchmakers, he’s the reason many got into football and are still watching it today and that’s why there were so many tributes, not just from United fans but from fans all over the place.
Anyways as someone on the telly said ‘life throws up little coincidences’ referring to the first game at O.T. following Georgie’s death against West Brom, the team he made his debut against and reference was also made to the match at Benfica and the obv relevance of that game. But there was another. Me and a small East Manchester firm were going to watch FC United the satdee after Georgie passed away. The game against (bullied) Cheadle was once again moved, this time to Edgeley Park. It meant that we could get the number 7 bus from Capital rd. in Openshaw all the way to Stockport town centre. The red no.7 picked us up and made its way through Abbey-on-the-Hey and then headed for Reddish SK5 where, the greatest twat in all the land and all the world Mike Doyle comes from. The no.7 skilfully bobbed in and out of the traffic as if to say to Doyle, ha - try and stop me Doyle you clumsy bastard, but did Doyle stop our red no.7? Did he fookin ‘ellerslike. The offers on at Bargain Booze – where they make life richer for the pourer - on Reddish rd. nearly tempted us, in a Georgie kinda way, but fortunately our no.7 didn’t stray from its goal and we breezed into Stocky. We had beers and sung Georgie Best world and went to the match and sung it more. It was a good day, the no.7 had delivered. It was just a shame that I couldn’t be at the West Brom game. Under the circumstances I decided that the best tribute was to neck a box of wine* and not turn up. Cheers Judd.
* Stowell’s Temperanillo temporarily £9.99 at kwik save for 3 litres.

Light Dinner
The Openshaw chrimbo lights were switched on early this year by various celebrities from the council’s Hooper St. depot. Why not give them a visit this yuletide? (the lights not the council lads – durr brain). Don’t bother having your tea first cos every other fookin shop on the Old Rd. is now a fookin takeaway. I don’t know - the art of home cooking has all but gone through the fookin window as the arse falls out of society as we know it. They’ll be watching the baked’s speech eating kebabs round our way this year.