Saturday, February 25, 2006

You Idiots

Source: Blackpool Today

THIEVES have stolen pictures of some of Blackpool FC's greatest players in a raid on the club's Hall of Fame.

The crooks were today branded "idiots" by the widow of goal king Stan Mortensen while fellow FA Cup hero Bill Perry labelled it a "despicable act".
Mortensen and Perry's pictures were stolen together with portraits of fellow 1950s greats Sir Stanley Matthews, Harry Johnston and Allan Brown.
Club officials believe the pictures, which were put up in honour at Bloomfield Road, may have been taken during last Saturday's non-League clash at the stadium between FC United and Blackpool Mechanics.
Jean Mortensen, Stan Mortensen's widow, said she was horrified by the theft.
She said: "It's just unbelievable somebody would do this. These people are idiots. What kind of person would do this?
"The pictures have been put up to commemorate some of the town's biggest heroes.
"It's an insult to those people who gave everything for Blackpool and an insult to the memory of Stan.
"Why would anybody even think about doing something like this? It's such sad news."
Bill Perry, who scored the winning goal for Blackpool in the 1953 FA Cup final, was equally amazed by the news.
He said: "I just cannot imagine who would carry out such a despicable act.
"I'm amazed anybody would do this. These pictures are very special to the club and to the fans. It just seems incredible somebody would take them."
The Hall of Fame was set up by supporters to honour the club's greatest players.
Mr Perry said he would do everything he could to help supporters replace the stolen photographs.
Glenn Bowley, of Blackpool Supporters' Association, who put together the Hall of Fame, said he was devastated by the theft of the portrait photographs.
He said: "A lot of work went into preparing the Hall of Fame and somebody has just come along and done this.
"I'm not going to point the blame at anybody, but it's just an awful thing to do.
"The fans had put a lot of their own time into putting together this tribute to their heroes.
"I'm just sad to see that somebody would do this.
"We're going to have to replace the pictures, which means raising more money."
Blackpool Police today confirmed they are investigating the theft of the five pictures.
24 February 2006