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红魔负债之际山寨曼联崛起 连升三级示威格雷泽

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Manchester United Red Devils liabilities rise when the cottage Lianshengsanji Glazer protest
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When the commercial and money on behalf of Manchester United are entangled, a group of a firm in Manchester, football apologists are quietly guarded the corner where his dream, grass-roots of the founders of Manchester United Red Devils early on today, had a clear understanding of ... ...

NEW YORK, January 15 report

When this week in the British media as long as 322 out of Manchester United share of official documents, there are very surprised how many Manchester United fans crowed? Carrington training ground and Old Trafford are all available, the player's wages are crazy, and the club's debt is heavy, or even next door to Manchester City is horrible ... ... the media and fans are in hot discussion Glazer family could leave Manchester United embark on Road to Perdition, but in fact a group of local loyal Manchester as early as four and a half ago, has foreseen all of this, they are used by many Chinese fans, nicknamed the cottage Manchester United FC United of Manchester to sustain the dream of his most pure soccer.

5 years ago, when Manchester United when the Glazer family, intend to buy the vast majority of Manchester United fans have expressed their opposition, when in front of them so a couple of choices: to continue to support Manchester United, Manchester United is no longer ignored, there is a selective boycott, or the last strokes - their own to form a new Manchester United.

At that time a few Manchester United Supporters Association, for example, shareholders of Union, Shareholders United, Manchester United supporters trust funds Manchester United Supporters' Trust have called for the fans and the shareholders holding shares in Manchester United against Glazer family's takeover, but eventually Glazer family, or win, in May 2005 they acquired a successful, probably more than 1,000 Manchester United fans sad disappointment choose to go the last one road - the formation of a new FC Manchester United.

When the genuine Manchester United regain the Premiership, and then three consecutive Champions League trophy back to a time, this new grass-roots Manchester United tenaciously adhered to down them from the bottom of the league playing areas, leased Bury team to play home games per game average of 2000 fans to the scene to watch the battle, and now they have risen by three, this week is to build an application to the Manchester city can accommodate 4,000 fans, the new stadium as their home.

, Brilliance and infinite compared with the Red Devils Manchester United, this grass-roots Manchester United may be ignored, but this is the group of smitten fans dream. Walsh, general manager of Manchester United FC, said, "We do not oppose the Americans, we just oppose the acquisition, against those who know little about the club and the community who took over the team, we can see the impact of money for English football, We know that Old Trafford's fare had to be skyrocketing. "

Walsh that "Old Trafford debt figures are staggering, many people are on the Manchester United has an understanding of the extent of the liabilities, but these so-called Glazer are still confused with the marketing, it was like a crime. Big Most people have been blinded, but now the public has such a "gambling-style economy," an understanding of where they see happening in football circles, has been shocked. "

The population in these grass-roots fans, those who "have been deceived eyes" of people, including management, including the Government. Walsh is a shareholder of Union and the then Manchester United supporters, the backbone of the Trust Fund, if they are actively lobbying the then Manchester United's two major shareholders, Magnier and McManus not to sell 28% stake in Manchester United Glazer. However, the latter of these two characters rich blue, or sell, Walsh received the then British sports minister Richard - Cabon, the FA Premier League and a letter, they guarantee "Glazer family, there is no bad motive."

"They are what" security manager "," a move worthy of respect "to describe the Glazer family, all of the football authorities and the government looks like a conspiracy, they seem to have and this acquisition pattern combines together. what they call "the appropriate testing candidates," Where is it? look at his letter? It is really annoying, since they do nothing, then the only choice we have to. "

FC United's founders, is also not a naive utopian, who both understand the importance of economic operation, they are very conservation, every game needs 1,300 fans attended the match to ensure a fiscal balance, they also need to detachment of the semi-professional players wages - the highest paid 150 pounds per week, they also need sponsorship, but also sell club merchandise revenue.

"Commercialization is not wrong, but we insist on is that this commercial is designed to allow a lower fare, (but not vice-versa)." If the FC Manchester United's new stadium plans are passed, they will be up again in the amateur league two, just as their teams in similar situations, like AFC Wimbledon (Wimbledon fans, then re-formed their own team) .

Now there are about 1100 Manchester United FC season ticket holders, of course, very low fares, season tickets a minimum 90 pounds, an average of 120 pounds, however, the club also has a community plan, although most of the fans of the Premiership is still a sense of such a high level of competition interest, but they are still working on it.

There are a number of former Manchester United FC Manchester United players in private support, in addition, this grass-roots support Premiership giants Manchester United and that has no connection, but in fact most of the FC Old Trafford Manchester United fans are still playing like that Red Devils supporters, but the Glazer soaring under the rule of the fare has given them away from their former team.

"Fans can not afford to go on-site watching, not just Manchester United, soccer, and more should have been intertwined with a social club for the purpose of the original components of a large part of a social welfare is to community harmony, but now All this has changed, moving in the wrong direction. "
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