Thursday, January 07, 2010

Manchester United still rule the roost despite Manchester City’s lottery win

Edited from: Telegraph


It is 2005 all over again. United's answer to the Roman revolution at Chelsea was to fall into the indebted hands of Malcolm Glazer.

The club convulsed. Disturbed supporters marched out of the Stretford End behind their FC United of Manchester banners to begin life anew in a Gigg Lane commune.

They wanted none of the Americanised commercialisation of Old Trafford, though they seemed happy enough when the money being spun was in the hands of a dynasty of Mancunian master butchers.

The departing faction confused love with ownership. They saw the club's accounts as their own. The debts would bring them down, they screamed as if they were the ones making the repayments. Ferguson was already on the wrong end of a pendulum that had swung towards Arsène Wenger's Invincibles. Then, after a season of overbearing Arsenal supremacy, along rides a Portuguese show pony with a saddle full of roubles.