Thursday, April 28, 2011

FC United back AFC Telford aim for Football League spot

 Source: BBC

 FC United of Manchester have helped in AFC Telford's top-to-toe review as part of an ambitious drive for fan-run clubs to reach the Football League.

FC's Finney Thompson is on the panel examining the Bucks' affairs to ensure they can continue to move forward.

"I'm knocked out by Telford. They do great community work and the fans have a strong voice," said Thompson.

"We believe this town has the potential to support a Football League side," added Telford chairman Lee Carter.

"There's always that danger in football that you'll be shot down if you're seen to be too ambitious but we believe a community-led club can make it to the Football League.

"We've been evolving for seven years (since the old Telford United went bust) and it's quickened up over the last 12 months, and we need a fit for purpose organisation going forward - hence this comprehensive review of everything we do."

The process started with a census for Telford fans to highlight their good and bad points of the club - which resulted in a satisfaction rating of more than 90%.

"We've already put into operation some of the recommendations - from opening up different parts of the ground for home fans, to reinstating mushy peas in the buffet bars," Carter continued.

"We are a listening club, a fans club and we want everyone on board to make sure we can continue to move forward in this mould - rather different from most clubs."

Thompson, who took a proactive part in the club review, felt the Telford way might also benefit his own FC United - themselves a fans club formed by Manchester United followers disillusioned by the Glazer takeover six years ago.

"The review is a great idea and the open exchange of ideas is a model that can help other clubs at every level," Thompson added.