Friday, April 29, 2011

ZRF Community Day launch

 Source: The Muslim News

 Children from St Marys CoE, St Cuthberts RC & Manchester Islamic Preparatory School took part in ZDF Community Day

Supported by FC United of Manchester and KD Grammar School, the Zesh Rehman Foundation (ZRF) organised a Community Day on March 23 for pupils from three primary schools in Manchester.

Premier League footballer and Pakistan skipper Zesh Rehman set up ZRF to promote community cohesion develop young people’s aspirations and encourage British Asian participation in football.

St Mary’s CofE, St Cuthbert’s RC and Manchester Islamic Preparatory School took part in day - designed to develop learning skills and teach children to interact with one another. The children were put into groups mixing children from each school together.

After the morning session of team building activities the children took part in a mini tournament competing in the newly formed teams.

ZRF North West Coordinator, Irfan Kawri told The Muslim News, “It’s great to see children from different faith schools... integrating and making new friends. We believe valuing diversity needs to start at a young age. After Mr Cameron clearly said, ‘Multiculturalism has failed in the UK’ we believe we need to break down barriers at grass roots level to help multiculturalism.”