Friday, May 20, 2011

‘We are not planning a breakaway football club’

 Source: The Leader

 Published date: 19 May 2011, by: Phil Robinson

 FANS are not planning to launch a break-away football club in the wake of this week’s takeover of Wrexham FC.

That was the message from Richard Owen, chairman of Wrexham Supporters’ Trust.

Mr Owen was commenting on speculation after the Trust’s public meeting at Glyndwr University on Tuesday.

It had been suggested angry fans were considering setting up a “phoenix” club as a reaction against the takeover of the Reds by former commercial director Jon Harris, which a number of them strongly oppose.

But Mr Owen said: “We had speakers at the meeting from Chester City FC, which was taken over by its fans, and FC United of Manchester, which was set up by fans as a reaction against Manchester United’s takeover by Malcolm Glazer.

“This may have given some people the impression we wanted to do something similar, but we are not planning anything like that.

“Our intention is to continue supporting the present club and see it get back into the Football League.”

Mr Owen said the meeting at William Aston Hall was well attended by more than 500 fans.

The evening began with a symbolic rendering by the audience of an old Welsh folk song entitled “We’re Still Here”.

Mr Owen said later: “The strong message from the meeting was that despite the takeover of the club we are still here.

“At the end we asked people in the audience to stand up if they were in favour of us continuing with our plans to aqcuire the club at some time in the future, whenever the opportunity arises, and everyone stood.

“We also pointed out how the Trust has professionally run things in the past, like the club shop, and over the past nine years donated a total of £125,000 to the club.”

Earlier this week the Leader reported that Mr Harris was to offer the Trust a seat on the club’s new board, although the proposed terms have not been made public.

Mr Owen said: “We need them to write to us formally about this because we need to understand exactly what is on offer.

“We are currently taking legal advice on what we should be asking for in relation to any proposed investment by the Trust in the club.

“After the meeting we are now regrouping and considering our next step.”