Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yes vote passed for Eagles fan plan

 Source: Bedfordshire News

 The general manager of FC United of Manchester was in Bedford this week to show support for the Eagles Supporters’ Trust (BEST) at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) over plans for fans to bid for a 75 per cent stake in Bedford Town.

The Trust’s aim is to raise £50,000 from fans in Bedford as part of a consortium in order to try to acquire the majority stake in the Zamaretto Premier Division outfit and convert it into a Community Interest Company (CIC) by 2015.

In a meeting attended by 30 people (with six apologies and five voting by proxy) 21 voting in favour of the strategy and none against for the project which the have called, ‘The Best way forward – a future for the Eagles’.

Richard Fuller MP, councillor Stephen Moon (whose ward includes the club’s Eyrie ground) and Patrick Hall (former MP and BEST president) supported the bid.

Walsh General spoke about the 5,000 FC United members and £3.5 million that has been raised by fans to start a new club largely due to their dissatisfaction of the takeover of Premier League Manchester United by the Glazer family.

He said that the plan was modest and urged fans to aim for the sky saying: “Reach out and set that target higher.

We raised £3.5 million from 2,000 fans against a target of half a million.” Asked why he came to support BEST, he added: “It is part of our responsibility to help other fans who seek a stake in their clubs.

“We believe fans should have a say in every club in the land. That will only happen if those fortunate enough to support fan owned clubs offer support and assistance.”

He pointed to more than 150 Trusts in different guises from Enfield, Exeter City, Chester, Telford and Luton Town’s Conference play-off final opponents, AFC Wimbledon.