Thursday, May 31, 2007

It’ll be even tougher for Crewe FC


CREWE FC boss Ian O'Reilly believes the club could face an even tougher battle to win promotion next season.

With big resources in the non-league game, FC United are likely to run a reserve side in Mid Cheshire League Division Two.

The rouge Red Devils have been super successful since their inception due to the Glazier takeover at Old Trafford, winning successive promotions with huge support.

And it's likely they'll be looking to do similar things with their second string.

"I think they've been voted in and the league will see it as a big boost," explained O'Reilly.

"They'll probably be the team to beat.

"They'll have a lot of players to keep happy and I'm sure some will filter down to the second team."

Bigger clubs already have a proven track record of progress in Division Two.
“We’ll be looking to compete next season and we’ll give it everything we’ve got.”
Crewe FC Ian O'Reilly

Both Curzon Ashton and Stalybridge Celtic saw their reserve sides claim the top two spots and promotion last season.

In fact they finished with identical records, right down to goal difference that forced a play-off for the title.

Stalybridge took it on penalties after a 2-2 draw.

"FC United will be another side with a big first team," added O'Reilly.

"It's more difficult for the likes of us, Whitchurch and Lostock who are the first team.

"They have players up to UniBond League standard.

"You only have to look at last season.

"The two teams with senior sides both went up."

But O'Reilly isn't complaining, relishing the challenge to improve on last season's sole triumph of another Crewe FA Cup.

"I quite like it that way," he continued.

"It means better teams and makes it more competitive.

"That's why you play on a Saturday at this level.

"It's a better standard against better players at good grounds.

"It's all about the challenge.

"Curzon had about seven or eight who had played in their first team when we played them.

"We got a draw there and at Stalybridge but lost both at home.

"We'll be looking to compete next season and we'll give it everything we've got."

Leading scorer Dave Hanson could keep the armband despite approaching veteran status.

"It was his birthday at the weekend," said O'Reilly.

"He'll be getting his bus pass before long but he can still put the ball away."