Wednesday, May 23, 2007

United we stand

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David Conn's article (FC United rise and shine on sense of community, May 9) was the best I have read. It takes a lot to stay away from the club you've loved since you were a child and I hope one day Manchester United will come back to us, but FC United fills the void. Not with the same standard of football (although it is better than I expected), but with a club that is all it should be and more. There is so much more to a club than winning trophies. I always knew that but it took Glazer to remind me. I was brought up believing Mancunians stood up for what is right, however painful, and I am grateful to those who worked so hard to get the club up and running and proud to be a founder member. FC United is raw, passionate, untainted fun. Best of all, it's ours.

Julie Shorney Manchester