Sunday, May 06, 2007

Man Utd’s Title: A Triumphant Franchise

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And there is one tiny, but not inconspicuous, fly in the ointment. In the wake of the takeover by the Glazer family a number of disgruntled United fans formed a breakaway club called FC United. They took their place in the lowest levels of the football hierarchy but two seasons on they have won consecutive promotions and this season managed a cup and league double. Record attendances for that level of football and tons of goals have made FC United a real draw for the divisions in which they have played. They’ve brought a number of disillusioned United fans back to an old, almost-forgotten way of football with affordable prices, fathers taking children, and supporters welcome because they support the team not because they will financially utilize a significant number of items of merchandise inventory during the fiscal period.

FC United are no threat to the Glazers nor to their far-flung franchise but it would be interesting to project some years into the future and see where the relative empires will be. For now the Glazers are safe. Tolerated if not loved, but they will be on trial for years into the future especially if United go into temporary decline once Fergie has had enough.