Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold Front

Source; edited from: Eastern Daily Press

15 January 2009

With that match being called of the round of phone calls began again although this time there was not quite as many. So now it appeared that something very unusual was about to happen to me - a winter's afternoon with no football! I had just about come around to the idea when the phone rang with the offer of a trip up to Boston alongside the manager to take in their Unibond League game with FC United of Manchester!

It was, of course an offer that I could not refuse and off we went as happy as a fly know the rest I'm sure!

The game itself was nothing special resulting in a single goal victory for the visitors. One thing that I will remember about the game though is the cold. I can now say that it was the coldest I have ever been watching a game of football anywhere! It really was bitter and what with the effect of the wind it felt like -10C. It did feel rather strange though just to sit and watch a game and not having to write or talk about it. It's quite a while since I last done that although the change was just the job.