Friday, March 19, 2010

Support the real rebels

Source: Manchester Evening News

Where now for FC United? Saturday marked a low point for FC United. Defeat to Durham City, handing them their first victory and points of the season.

Although the result was bad, just as worrying was the poor attendance of just 1,811 on a Saturday when big United had no game.

FC United are facing at worst a scramble for a few points to avoid a relegation fight or at best a series of meaningless end of season fixtures played in front of decreasing, disinterested crowds.

So how did they get into this position? A few weeks ago when the Glazers revealed the full extent of their scary plans for United’s future, giving birth to the green and gold scarf campaign, FC United might have hoped for a boost in support; but that hasn’t happened.

I haven’t attended Old Trafford for more than five years and nor will I, while the Glazers remain. Back then the atmosphere was very quiet and soulless. Now with a whiff of protest and rebellion in the air, not to mention Rooney scoring goals for fun it probably feels like a very good place to be.

Supporters can assuage any guilt they may feel about putting money in the Glazers’ pockets by merely wearing a different coloured scarf.

Who’d have thought the green and gold campaign would do more damage to FC United than the Glazers?

On Sunday, I saw a young couple stepping out of a car after being driven home form the United v Fulham match.

I knew they’d been because the man was carrying a Megastore bag bursting with goodies – but he was also wearing a green and gold scarf, so that’s alright then.

DPB, Worsley