Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OK Computer game

Edited from: The Guardian

We may have them to thank for reams of nonsense from music journalists but Radiohead are at least having a positive influence on football. Since rocking the music industry by offering In Rainbows as a "pay what you can" download, the business model has proliferated. Earlier this year renegade non-league club FC United employed the tactic to shift season tickets. General manager Andy Walsh told Digger it had been a success, with the club reaching its £125,000 target ahead of schedule and passing the 1,000 sales mark earlier than last season. Now, the makers of Championship Manager are following the same publicity generating route, offering the computer game with a reputation for ruining marriages for anything from 1p (plus a £2.50 admin fee) up between today and 11 September, when it will be sold at full price.