Monday, September 07, 2009

The Town keep marching on

Source: Westmorland Gazette

9:04pm Monday 7th September 2009

By Richard Edmondson

The start of the season has been pleasantly surprising; another 3 points at the weekend and Town sit proudly at the top and 4 points clear of the chasing pack.

Even the most die hard of Kendal fan must be surprised by Town’s good start to the season.

The 1-0 home win over FC United, was eventful to say the least, the 1st half Kendal had enough chances to be comfortable, however in the 2nd half, FC United fought back and had Kendal on the back foot.

And I felt a combination of good defending and poor shooting on goal by FC United helped Kendal to victory.

It was actually a very strange 2nd half, the referee lost control which didn’t help. When an official loses control that tends to upset the rhythm of things and for this match the 2nd half was chaotic. Michael Cole being sent off for Town was controversial. I suppose I would say that but I didn’t see what he had done wrong as such.

Officiating at best is a difficult job and they can only give what they see and what they feel is the right decision, however common sense is lacking from the man in the middle and his assistants, and sometimes they make life harder for themselves.

I read a post on the Kendal Town forum where someone said the officials are anti Kendal, I would personally disagree with that as a few weeks ago Kendal were awarded a penalty at Ashton, and it was no where near a penalty, infact the Ashton defender put in a good clean challenge and won the ball. However the ref gave it and I wasn’t complaining nor were the Town fans, so it’s not only us because the rest of the league has the same problem But all players, and fans ask for is common sense and consistency, and if officials give that then they have done their job to the best of their ability.

Tuesday night sees Kendal make the trip to play Ossett Town at the Ingfield stadium. It’s traditionally not a happy hunting ground for Kendal; they went their last season and lost 5-1 in controversial circumstances.

Ossett, have had a mixed start to the season, they are weakened by the loss of both Aidan Savoury and Simon Baldry, but are strengthened by the goals of Adam Clayton. They also have a new man at the helm with Paul Lines taking over.

It will be an interesting test, Kendal being league leaders means that they are their to be shot down, and other teams are going to give that extra 10-20% to try and end the teams unbeaten record.

Hopefully the lads can go their and get a result and keep the fine start going!

Check out a photo I did of the match!