Thursday, October 15, 2009

FC United gets its kicks with This Creative

Source: How Do

Thursday, 15 October 2009
This Creative, the Manchester-based branding, design and advertising agency has been brought in to promote FC United.

FC United gets its kicks with This Creative
The team, formed following the controversial Glazer takeover of Manchester United, currently plays at Bury’s Gigg Lane ground.

Part of This Creative’s task will be to promote the club’s development fund, so that they can afford to move to their own premises.

"This is an extremely exciting development in our business, not only does it give us a great new client to work with on truly inspirational, creative, rule-free projects, it also adds to our growing portfolio of diverse clients in this our second year," said This Creative co-founder Warren Lomax.

"We are really pleased to be working with Andy Walsh (General Manager) and FC United and are hoping to be stood side by side with them as the club progresses further up the football ladder.”

The agency will also be promoting FC United’s FA Cup run and a Christmas campaign.

Lomax admitted he’s been “researching” his new client since its inception:

“We believe 100% in what FC are all about and on the plus side - it gives me a work-based legitimate excuse to continue the fantastic Saturday days out at FC!"

FC United is owned by its members and the team is 1 game away from playing professional clubs in the next round of the FA Cup.