Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pauline England has died

One of the most idealistically rooted members of our wonderful young club sadly died on Friday the 2nd of October 2009.

She posted news on here under the name of "che lives".

Pauline would always take the fan's side in an argument, and would get very cross if anybody suggested that imaginary "big outside money" could in any way be good for a club. I believe her thinking was that the fans are the club, and that elusive investors come in to serve their own (ego, people, family or agenda). I don't think she was wrong.

She was the quintessential advocate for fan-owned clubs, everywhere. I don't think it's only fcumites who mourn her passing this weekend, she would report on any club's plight as being relevant to FCUM - and, again, she was right.

The list of her volunteering roles for FC, and this is just the ones we know about, is nothing short of astonishing:

Matchday host for all home games - meeting and greeting the away team's board members/guests/entourage (and, an almost perpetual presence at Gigg Lane; the referees' assessors).

She put a lot of work into various resolutions, not least the overhaul of the original IPS rules.

Scrutineer at many of FCUM's AGMs and GMs.

Invaluable contributor to this site.

She recently put herself forward for a place on our democratically elected board.

It's an incredible testament to her family's commitment to FC that her husband, John, felt he was able to carry out his duties at Gigg Lane as matchday secretary this afternoon. "Red Flag" was played in honour of Pauline after the game.