Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Do it Howards Way

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Source: Metro (no online content)

A letter in todays Metro - a free newspaper, localised to Manchester:

' I have seen Tintorettos in Venice, marble lions by Canova in Chatsworth House, New York's Twin Towers before their destruction by mindless morons and, last Saturday at Gigg Lane in Bury, I witnessed a goal of equally sublime beauty.

Only someone who felt the hand of God on his shoulder would have attempted to score from a position close to the touchline, midway between the halfway line and the penalty area. But, as a young FC United player, Josh Howard, hit a ball with his left foot, I was directly behind the ball as it started its 30m lift-off. It hung in the air, as if Harry Potter had waved his wand at it, before curling in and dipping into the far top corner of the Darwen goal. A second of stunned, unbelieving silence was followed by a huge roar of 'there's only one Josh Howard'.

Mr. Best, Mr. Beckham, Henry or Pele never scored a better goal. And Mr. Howard? He just beamed a huge smile and lifted his arms high in the air, before being engulfed by his team-mates. Even some Darwen players clapped and shook his hand. No diving on the grass, no hand cupped to the ear, no childish waving of the corner flag. Leave that to richer but less gifted footballers. '