Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Takeover: One Year On

Source: Edit from longer article at UnitedRant.com

In the year since Malcolm Glazer and his three sons acquired Manchester United in a very hostile take-over, for the fans at least, little appears to have changed on the surface of the club. The fans protested, sometimes violently, Shareholders United declared that it was the end of the club, and this fanzine told of how the soul had been ripped out of Old Trafford. Nearly 4,000 decided enough was enough and formed their own breakaway club, FC United of Manchester.
Although many have dismissed FC United, the loss of 4,000 of the club's most loyal supporters has been felt in the past year. When United released some 4,000 new season tickets this summer they were under, not over, subscribed. Price rises plus the Glazer affect undoubtedly equals erosion of the club's fan-base.

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