Thursday, April 13, 2006

Evening Standard: You cannot stop the march of the Munsters

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSource: Evening Standard (no online content)

MALCOLM GLAZER has given the BBC an exclusive interview, all 50 seconds of it. Old man Munster talked of Manchester United as a “wonderful franchise”, and a lot of folk have professed themselves to be shocked by this. Why? That’s how Americans think.

Some Yanks who were interested in purchasing Chelsea when Ken Bates was casting around for a buyer, kept talking of a “great leisure (pronounced leezyer) opportunity”, and wouldn’t desist even when told the fans would tear them limb from limb if they heard them so describe their beloved club. My advice to the offended is to get real. This is the way of the future. All manner of rich hicks like old man Munster will buy into English clubs, and talk offensive drivel about their latest plaything. Best to get used to it, since no one seems to know how to stop it happening.

Least of all those United fans who uttered such bloodcurdling threats before the takeover. When the Munsters took no notice, they quietly faded away, and some of them set up their own club, FC United. Which this week won the North-West Counties Football League Second Division title. Wow. Good on them. That’ll show the Munsters!