Wednesday, April 05, 2006


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Red who was attacked is still badly affected.

The wife of a football fan left brain damaged following a brutal attack has called for quicker treatment for him. Jamie Turner, 45, from Telford, Shrops, was in a coma after a fight between fans in Southampton.

The Manchester United fan has improved since the attack last May but needs an operation to repair his skull. His wife Karen said his operation should be given priority. But experts said it could take six months and the risk to his health was "minimal".

Mr Turner has part of his skull missing and has to sleep a certain way in bed. His wife said the brain damage he has suffered has made life more difficult for the family.

"Sometimes, when we go out I have to drive, he will just get out of the car and walk off up the street. It is a very strange person we live with now."

The couple's daughter Kirstie, 14, said: "It is like I have got a new dad from the one I had before. It is not the same. It is difficult to cope with."
Mr Turner said it was not acceptable for him to have to walk around with part of his skull missing.

A statement from Telford and Wrekin Primary Care Trust, which is responsible for Mr Turner's treatment, said: "Patients are assessed for speed of treatment based upon the clinical urgency as assessed by the treating consultant.

"Advice recently received from a neurosurgeon in Southampton indicates that the ideal time to undertake the operation is within three to six months of the original surgery but there are no clear guidelines available.

"In the meantime he advises that the risk to Mr Turner coming to any harm whilst waiting for his operation is considered to be minimal."

FC United are playing a friendly game against Jamie’s local side Telford on Saturday 6th May with all proceeds going to Jamie and his family. Any Reds wishing to help out can find out more and make a donation at: