Monday, April 10, 2006


Source: Red Issue/The News of the world
David Gill on FC United: "I don't understand the guys who left for FC United. Even if I hadn't been working for United I could never stop supporting them."

The odious David Gill is at it again. He talks about price hikes, Fergie, Glazers and how valued his opinion is.

Interview in the NOTW:

* "The Glazers look at the club in terms of what it can deliver. They have been involved in the ticket pricing and we will be announcing that tickets will go up. But sensibly. We've always had sensible prices and that will remain. There has been an obsession about this from the anti-Glazer element, but I think the fans will still find them reasonable."

The cheapest seats at the 76,000-capacity stadium will go up from £21 to £23 — a 9.5 per cent rise. Executive packages will rise by far more. Gill added: "I'm sure there will be comments. You put up prices and it won't be liked — that is a fact of life, whether it is gas prices, electricity prices or ticket prices.

"There are only seven Premier League clubs who sell tickets cheaper than we do."

* "I don't understand the guys who left for FC United. Even if I hadn't been working for United I could never stop supporting them. Am I shocked still to be here? Yes and no.

"If I felt I was just carrying out orders I wouldn't do it, but I am still in a position to express my views, disagree in a constructive manner and work to a sensible conclusion. They value my opinion."

* "Should he [Glazer] have called us a great club instead? Yes, of course. But people get hung up on stuff like that when the reality is 'franchise' an American term and he doesn't mean anything by it.

"Joel is the key person and we talk every day."

* "Look at Real Madrid. Where have they ended up? We are different - we stick with our people. [Ed. we shall ignore all the redundancies]

"Yes maybe he would have gone at certain clubs, but is that right?"

"We have a great manager and, while he has the enthusiasm and the knowledge to develop players like Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, we don't want to change.

"Would another manager have stopped Arsenal three years ago? Would he have stopped Chelsea? Changing the rider doesn't mean the horse is going to win."

The Glazers are in total agreement with Gill, who added: "If Malcolm Glazer were here he would say the same.

"The Glazers have the top guy, they know it and nothing will change. They are very comfortable with Sir Alex and never question his position.

"They recognised straight away that he was a key part of the strength of the club. One day there will be a change, but we hope that is a long way off."